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The List of Cool Stuff For Learning

I get asked pretty much every day about what ressources to use, wich videos to learn from, etc, so I decided to compile a list of the stuff that really taught me a lot :


The art and science of digital composting, 2nd edition  (Ron Brinkman) 

A huge, complex but complete volume on anything digital composting ; history of VFX, computer graphics math components, the nature of digital images, signal, all the way to production breakdowns of some of the most groundbreaking VFX shots of the last two decades.
I think I read it about 4 times, one of my friend borrowed it but I forgot who that was, so I'm probably going to order it again, just to have it in my library :D

Framed ink  ( Marcos Mateu Mestre)

Practical examples of framing, lighting and storytelling  (comic book oriented).
Cheap and good .

Framed perspective ( Marcos Mateu Mestre) 

Great book on perspective drawing, I also recommend Framed perspective Vol. 2

Alla prima II  (Richard Schmidt)

A must have for every wannabe painter,…

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