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Idea Friday # 1, Neural networks for animation and acting

Hello everyone ! I'm constantly busy thinking about many things, and there's only 24 hours in a day. This means that a lot of the ideas I have will be abandoned on the workbench.  Idea Friday is an attempt to solve this problem by simply writing and sharing these ideas. Okay, for this article I'm assuming you ( the reader) have a basic understanding of what is a Neural Network and how it works :) 2 minutes summary (just in case) A neural network is a series of operations placed in a network configuration. Each one of the "cells" or "nodes" or "neurons" does it's thing and passes it to the next one. The idea is that each cell can have a very simple function, the simplest of which is a neuron that gets "exited" given a certain threshold of input, and then passes the info to his friends. These networks are very good for automating tasks that would be impossible to program in regular code and math operations. Let's

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