Nuke 3D matte painting


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    1. yes , but unfortunatly, you can't do that in after effects ;)

    2. I really want to learn "Matte Painting" on NukeX, you know any forum or web page about it?

      . Thanks
      Please give me some suggestions

    3. of course!
      It's quite hard to find good infos on the subject, but here are some useful links:
      first, watch all of theses videos: (this is the official website, you can find all the basics if you scroll down)
      camera projection tutorials:

      I use a combinaison of theses different methods, but I use some tricks that I found nowhere on the internet and are really useful, I might do a text-based tutorial if you want to learn some of the workflow more in deph (with a lot of images so it will be damm simple and clear),
      if you have any orther question or want some text+image quick tips, please ask, and don't forget to bookmark the blog, I update it daily ;)

  2. it's really very helpful, thanks you very much


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