Lighting ref

Playing with materials and lighting shemes using some 3D scans of classic sculpture from the 1800's , theses are beautiful models, it's a real pleasure to light such  good geometry!
All frames rendered between 1 ~ 3 minutes, Full HD frames.

2 millions of polygon for heach character, with a peak memory usage of 1GB

physically based sphere lights, 512 shadow rays

1-16 unified sampling rays with a 0.005 threshold, brute force GI (3 bounces) with 1024 rays combined with an irradiance point cloud system of 8-64 rays (3 filter size), glossy reflections at 32 ~ 64 samples
that's a total of 100Mb of rays to compute for Redshift, quite an impressive performance!

And finally, I'm testing the SSS shader to create a caramel & cream statue, all at a super fast rendertime:

3D scans from historical archives