what I've been up to this summer

Hey, I didn't give much love to this blog lately, reason is a lot happened in the last 2 months!
first things first, I decided to quit my 3D animation school (Esma Nantes) to go in New3Dge in paris, only time knows if it was the right choice, but I've already met some super cool dudes from the school so it's promising.
Bad news: I didn't get into any of the internship I wanted (MPC lighting and Vizdev at BlueSky) even tho I had good hope with MPC since I had an interview in london..
But then the cool thing is that I have been contacted for a matte painting gig at Cube Creative where I'm working right now (and until something like around august 25th), the job is ok, but the people are super cool so it's a pleasure to work here !

Since I have a cintiq to paint on , I have been very inspired by the book Alla prima and I'm trying to translate theses techniques to digital painting ( a bit like shaddy safadi does), with various degrees of sucess right now.
Right now I don't even have a proper PC to paint on so this is bit killing me for personal work :D I want to do a nice 2D3D design  piece for the next sense collective exhibition so I need to stay late after work to do my stuff, I have huge admiration for those who find the strengh to do that hahaha, this is insane.

I'm planning hundredzzz of stuff for next year it's going to be awesome: learn some proper Zbrush, 3Dsmax, Vray, clarisse IFX for environnements, I also have a huge matte painting project in progress (making trees&forest assets lookdev right now), I also want to learn more about functionnal design , kind of visual problem solving to boost my portfolio, alongside with some sweet 3D paintovers, also I'm gonna make some oil paintings for fun and learning !
Oh and also I need some new demoreel for the summer internships ^^

this is gonna be intense.

PS: you can see my portfolio there: